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We can:

  • talk about tech you want to try
  • go over tech you need support with
  • co-plan/co-teach a lesson with tech integration
  • discuss a lesson you would like me to demo to your class

So many possibilities!
*Please note my site visit days and book me through email beforehand (in case another meeting pops up and I can’t make it), or pull me aside if you see me.

Site visits are as follows (am is 7:30-9:30) (pm is 2:00-4:00):

Bella Vista: 1st Tuesday (am), 3rd Tuesday (pm)
Bubbling Wells: 2nd Wednesday (am), 4th Thursday (pm)
Cahuilla: 1st Monday (am), 3rd Monday (pm)
Corsini: 1st Wednesday (am), 2nd Thursday (pm)
Landau: 1st Thursday (am), 3rd Thursday (pm)
Rio Vista: 2nd Monday (am), 4th Monday (pm)
Sunny Sands: 2nd Tuesday (am), 4th Tuesday (pm)

I look forward to working together!

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